What is this?

A more appropriate question would be "What isn't this?" This isn't conventional in any sense of the word. This isn't what you'd expect. This isn't not uncalled for. What else wouldn't it be, really?


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Jason Kocol - Part time music composer, part time performer, part time engineer, and full time weirdo, two separate works are being released by him simultaneously; V, and From That One Country. Are these really necessary?

Assumed Name - Combining the likes of improvised music, electronics, jazz, and modern classical, Assumed Name surely exists! Please do not laugh at that man behind the curtain, if indeed it is a man...

qoqol - Is it electronic music? Is it sound design? Is it pretentious and lame? You decide, then prepare to be sorely mistaken. qoqol's self-titled debut is coming your way.

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