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From bleeps and blips to beats and clips to melodies and harmonies to noise and toys, qoqol is right there with you to guide you through this journey of sonic exploration. I guess. Sometimes viewed as a figurehead for post-modern sciolistic/hedonistic tendencies (and shit), qoqol's self-titled debut contains 8 songs! Nice segue, huh? Well, segue into this(!):

qoqol: Sound Samples
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The Goods
Time Constrained
Archaic Purist
Hyper Tension (0:39)
.mp3 - 609KB
.ra - 77KB
.wav - 839KB
The Squiggley (0:43)
.mp3 - 684KB
.ra - 86KB
.wav - 942KB
The Alien (0:42)
.mp3 - 662KB
.ra - 83KB
.wav - 913KB

Full Tracklist & Running Times:
1)The Alien - 2:26
2)Unseen - 8:42
3)The Squiggley - 6:50
4)Long Wind - 6:30
5)The Keep - 7:25
6)Twice Over - 8:25
7)Hyper Tension - 3:48
8)Defaced Bliss - 8:41

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