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Oh boy, where does one begin? One thing's for sure, Assumed Name is better than deworming cattle. (But not by much; how could they be with an activity like that?) This record cuts to the chase to give you the finest in the ever-popular style of anonymous music. Uh, what?
"Assumed Name-The Only Choice™" (For what, we do not know. Sue us.)
Samples aplenty!

Assumed Name: Sound Samples
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Samples have been divided into three convenient categories.
Choose your fate wisely. Or don't.
The Goods
Time Constrained
Archaic Purist
The Grand Scheme (0:56)
.mp3 - 872KB
.ra - 109KB
.wav - 1.00MB
Oh, It'll Pass (0:53)
.mp3 - 826KB
.ra - 104KB
.wav - 1.13MB
Spontaneous Consumption (0:46)
.mp3 - 729KB
.ra - 92KB
.wav - 1.00MB

Full Tracklist & Running Times:
1)The Grand Scheme - 20:08
2)Kill That Damned Thing - 5:53
3)Oh, It'll Pass - 8:50

-Suite Nonsensical-
4)Movement One: Discovery - 1:42
5)Movement Two: Stolen From The Nest - 2:00
6)Movement Three: Spontaneous Consumption - 2:23
7)Movement Four: Afterbirth - 2:09

8)The Woman In Chains - 2:20
9)It's Not Me - 4:59

The End...or is it?

©2002 EFMM