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EFMM proudly presents two upcoming releases by composer Jason Kocol. MrKocol (huhuh) brings forth 5 contrasting pieces, both stylistically and recording-wise, on the appropriately titled V. From solo improvisation to band performance to symphonic orchestra composition, he demonstrates the ever-changing role of the composer in several contexts. Could he not? Apparently unso.

V: Sound Samples
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The Goods
Time Constrained
Archaic Purist
The Rest Is Over (0:50)
.mp3 - 798KB
.ra - 100KB
.wav - 1.1MB
Twice Under (0:44)
.mp3 - 704KB
.ra - 89KB
.wav - 970KB

Full Tracklist & Running Times:
1)The Rest Is Over - 7:07
2)Insinuation Continuation - 15:24
3)La Conclusione Di Vita - 16:00
4)Twice Under - 8:30
5)Road To Zamora - 15:32

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Showcasing several pieces drawing from multi-ethnic musical styles (or not), his second release, From That One Country, is being released alongside V. This record has it all, or will at least fool you into thinking it does, borrowing from tango, klezmer, eastern Indian and Mexican music, plus more! It just goes to show that you don't have to live there to know the tunes. You know..."there."

From That One Country: Sound Samples
The Goods
Time Constrained
Archaic Purist
Band Of Thieves (0:46)
.mp3 - 734KB
.ra - 92KB
.wav - 1.01MB
Il Ballo Del Pazzo (0:46)
.mp3 - 716KB
.ra - 90KB
.wav - 989KB
Free (0:51)
.mp3 - 793KB
.ra - 100KB
.wav - 1.09MB

Full Tracklist & Running Times:
1)The Meeting - 3:19
2)Where's My Colostomy Bag? - 4:27
3)Il Ballo Del Pazzo - 4:53
4)Band of Thieves - 7:24
5)The Inquisition - 3:14
6)Lame(nt) - 3:59
7)Qafarsid/Down Home - 10:16
8)ˇHay Ayay! - 4:56
9)Free - 4:26
10)Prance Around The Ashes Like a Goddamned Idiot - 6:09
11)Corazón de Misterio - 6:01

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